This Time, Flying

We’re back, daughter in tow. While we were in Chicago, we also managed to see the art museum, and make another stop at the planetarium–both are always good for bursts of awe and wonder, though for different reasons, of course. We also stopped off on the way back and had a nice visit with Lisa Silverthorne. Lisa is one of my all-time favorite people.

I made good progress on the latest story while I was out–the 8,000 word total in its previous form has rounded out to about 5,500. It moves much more cleanly, and I admit that I enjoy reading it myself right now. And, finally, the collaboration I agreed to work with John Bodin on has about crossed the halfway mark, and we’ve picked up a bit of steam. Looks like it should finish sometime soon.

One more older tale to go, then it’ll be onto some fresh ideas.

I’m ready–so very ready. [grin]

Have a great day.

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