Simple Goals

I have given myself a goal. This goal thing works for me. I don’t know why. I mean, I should be able to just sit down and write as a general course of action, but for me I’ve always needed a goal that I believed in to really make something stick.

My goal came about as a result of several things, but the most obvious and direct was a podcast interview I heard Tobias Buckell give where he was asked how to get back into writing after a break. Among the options he gave was a classic–just commit to sitting in front of your screen for a certain amount of time. A side-bar to this is to consider it a success even if you do nothing, but to realize that eventually you’ll get bored and do something. The kicker of course is that when you commit to sitting in front of your screen you allow yourself only one other form of action–creating words.

So, that’s my goal. Sit in front of the screen for a certain amount of time each morning.

I’ve not been perfect–I missed one morning due to work needs. But I managed to get words done more often than not, and I’ll take every step forward at this point. All progress is good.

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