Milestone Achieved

I don’t consider myself to have ever really stopped writing, though it looks like it from the outside, and I certainly stopped publishing.  I’m thinking a lot about this lately as I draw to the end of this novel rewrite.  If I come up with any great understandings about why I think this, I’ll let you know.  But for now let me leave it here by saying that I’ve written a ton of stuff in the past few years–its just not really stuff that matters in context of this place here.

But that’s changed today.

On August 7th I set myself a major project to begin on with the idea that I didn’t want to make an easy goal my first one.  It’s now September 21st–so essentially six weeks have past.  The main rewrite is done.  The book shrank from about 81K words to just over 73K.  Given that my viewpoint on any short story is that the goal of any pure rewrite of a first draft should result in about a 10% reduction in weight, this feels pretty good.

I intend to go back through it one more time, looking for one specific issue that I want to highlight and make sure I’m consistent.  It has to do with the peculiar way I’m using a magic system, so it’s a little more complex than checking for appearances or whatnot–the notorious changing of a character’s eye color springs to mind for some reason.  This means I’m not really done, but it does feel good to complete a full pass at a project.  It’s a milestone, and if anyone from the old days wanders around here, you may remember just what goals and milestones mean to me.

So, “GO ME!”

Have a great day.


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