Finding Fault

Yes, I suppose it’s about $700B of corporate greed.  And yes, I agree it’s not a good idea to reward bad decisions by paying off the big-wigs who made them.  But I think that’as all missing the point.

I was talking to a co-worker the other day and I said: You know, I really don’t care how we get out of it.  I just know we need to do something, and it needs to work.  But what I want to know is this: who in the government is responsible?  Is this really Bush thing?  Did it start with congress?  If so, tell me which congress folks.  Are the culprits appointed?  Who are these overseers and what were they doing?

We agreed that it would be nice to know these things.

All the fingers seem to be pointing to Bush–a lame duck president who isn’t well-liked at present, and for some pretty good reasons.  But is he at fault here?  Is it his administration?

I wanted to know, and neither one of us could really answer the question.  So we agreed we were basically just angry.

Then Lisa sent me this: this.

I’m sure there will be more, but this makes me take some of the things the Dems have been saying with a few more grains of salt than usual.

I am, by the way, a currently undecided voter who is watching this race with quite a bit of spectator interest.

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