Great basketball game last night.  Butler’s last shot really, really, really needed to go in.


Technically, I completed no words this morning. I did, however, spend more than an hour thinking about the project and jotting down a bunch of notes that increased the size of the file by about four pages. So I guess I did about a thousand words of thinking.

Unfortunately, I’m still not completely certain what to make of this one. Perhaps it’s a failed thread? Dunno, yet. I figure I’ll give it another couple days and if it doesn’t catch me by then I’ll let it be for a while and see what happens. Sometimes things blossom while composting–other times I guess it just turns into more compost.

I’m now far enough along that I feel comfortable enough to “reveal” (as if anyone cares much, eh?) I’ve embarked on a process to get my second novel ready for market. Probably a couple more weeks before it can leave my desk.

Time to hit the road.
The day job awaits me there.
Think again at lunch.

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