Thinking Bigger…er…or at least more

Once again, I spent much of this morning thinking about the high-level plot of this latest story.  It’s coming together, and I like it quite a bit.  I admit I’m a bit worried about length, though.  It looks to me like a 30-40,000 word piece, which is not particularly marketable.  And the fundamental idea strikes the SFnal part of my brain only a glancing blow.

I live such a tough life.

When I say I’m “thinking” about the plot, I don’t mean I’m sitting down in my basement twirling around in my swivel chair and staring at the ceiling.  That would just leave me dizzy.  When I say I’m thinking about the plot I mean I’m fleshing out much of it in little pieces of pseudo-code as I go.  I’ve got snippets of character dialog plastered in among journalistic and narrative bits.  In a sense, I’m using a free-form version of the snowflake method of plotting.

So, anyway.  I’m still not sure what the future holds for this piece, but I’ve vowed to keep thinking about it.

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