A co-worker recently lent me a copy of The Science of Superheroes, a work I was aware of but had never previously seen. It’s a quick read, but my time is limited so I’m working my way through it 30 or so pages a night. Great fun so far. I’ve especially enjoyed how Weinberg and Gresh redesigned the Incredible Hulk into a steroid-wracked, fluorescing creature.

I’ve always loved superheroes as a part of my kid-hood, and also because my uncle was a major comic-head. When I think of iron Man and the Green Lantern, and Spiderman, and may others, I think of Dennis. And that makes me happy.

He passed some years back, but man, would he have loved the stuff they are doing with cgi these days.

John Bodin and I once wrote a novelette centered around a superhero named Quantum. It’s a pretty fun piece, good enough (in my opinion) that I’m still submitting it to places where it seems to fit. We’ll see what happens, eh?

Progress Update:

Today saw good progress on the book, though I’m still struggling with my two pilots. They are important figures, though, because they carry the message of war I’m trying to create. Back in the day of the first draft I didn’t realize that this was their purpose in the story (admittedly this may make me seem lazy, but really I think it’s more a matter of me learning story skills. Now that I understand their purpose, I feel a much stronger connection to them and the words are flowing better.

Bottom line: I broke a couple chapters out differently, and added quite a bit of depth to one of the two. Started working on the second, but ran out of time.

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