Green Patents and Whatnot

I came across this story about issues with getting things done in the world of Green Tech, which, I think, highlights our current issue. I mean, more research is great and more innovation is also good. But the issues around implementation of greener technology is not the technology or even the general interest of the public. The problem is that alternate energy has to be economically positive over coal or petroleum.

And right this moment, it really isn’t.

As soon as wind or water or geothermal make economic sense, then people will go to them. It’s that simple. I’ve said before that the green-ish supporters should be advocating even bigger bonuses to the oil companies. Huge, bonuses, bonuses so large they raise the price of gas to four bucks a gallon–which seemed to be the US tipping point, anyway, as that was the moment that hybrid cars started drawing real interest.

That’s just me though.

On the writing front, I’m about two-thirds through my struggles with the fighter pilots. I’m actually thinking I may pull this piece out after I’m done, and turn it into a short story. I think it will stand on its own, anyway.

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