One Cool Morning

Life is pretty danged cool this morning.

First, I decided I needed to make some small changes to the structure of the book I’m working on. The story involves subliminal travel (as well as some FTL travel, but that’s not relevant to this conversation). This meant I got to spend two hours playing with time dilation math.

While I know some folks would rather dig their eye sockets out with dirty popsicle sticks than do such weird math, I personally find this to be one of the great side-perks of being a science fiction writer.

[An aside: I recently had a small conversation with some friends at work wherein we briefly got into the concept of time dilation as a method for traveling into the future, and I had one of those semi-awkward quiet moments where I realized I had probably gone a sentence or two too far because everyone was just kind of looking at me strangely. “It’s all true,” was my only defense. “Real math, not made-up science fiction.” But I could tell they just thought I was way-too-geeky for my own good.]

Second, I got word that a brief blurb I sent the WotF folks will be included in their 25th Anniversary coffee table book, and I’ll be receiving a free copy. Big Woot! there.

And finally, I’ve got a small project in the works that looks like it’s going to come to fruition. I’ll post more as it seems proper, but I’m quite excited about it…

On to the afternoon — it’ll have to go a bit to be cooler than the morning, but I know it will try its best.

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