You Decide. Cool, or Eternally Infantile?

If you know me, you know I make my real living in the corporate world. I’m involved in implementing multinational, global programs that span a bunch of functions and generally deal with technology development–something that probably sounds a bit more … er … glamorous than maybe it is. Dunno. It’s what I do, so maybe I just consider it a bit routine.

But, while I’m being all grown up on the outside, I do my best to retain this small sense of the absurd or the geeky, or maybe just infantile, about me in that I tend to keep a few toys hanging around my office. For example, I’m know to occasionally pull out my radio controlled tarantula when the occasion calls for it. I have matchbox cars on my shelf, and a toy train on a table in the back wall of my office.

As final proof, I note that my birthday is coming up relatively soon, and the team–knowing that I was going to be off this week–decided to give me a bit of a surprise party last week. My present? A comic book balloon and a cool set of transformers.

Proof positive you can take the kid out of the silliness, but you can’t take the silliness out of the kid.

Or something like that.

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