Moving Day, and Contracts

There was a time in my life where I thought Lisa and I were done with college apartment moves–we moved Lisa from one apartment to the next before we were married, and then did another shorter move right before getting married. Then, of course, we moved apartments form Louisville to Indianapolis when we got out of school, and then did the move to a house. We also dealt with a short-term apartment move when I did a co-op around EKU.

Somewhere in there I had the opinion we were done with those kinds of moves.

Silly me, of course.

We spent a great weekend up in Lafayette moving Brigid from her dorms into a summer apartment. This took several trips each day, and required feeding college kids. Yikes.

Still, it was fun even if it did exercise a few muscles I don’t usually exercise.

Progress: It also means I didn’t get much done on the manuscript–though I did get some thinking in on developing a table of contents for my collection.

This is good because I received the contracts in the mail today, and should get them processed and returned pronto. At that point, this thing becomes real and the work will thence commence.

Should be fun.

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