Three Steps Forward

Lots of progress on this stormy morning.

First, as hoped, the novel rewrite is complete. Though I always reserve the writers’ option of deciding I stink later, I’m pretty pleased with this as I sit here this morning. The story feels good now, and I figure you only get to say a novel is complete so many times in your life, so this works for me. I’m also pleased to finished because I’ve been so close for a little while, and I’ve had a bunch of things I wanted to do at the same time. So I’ve been getting tempted to cut corners just to say I was done. But instead, I drove to the end while the final tape was in sight.

Self discipline sucks some times.

Second, I wrote a few notes and business messages. Not sexy, nor scintillating blog fodder I know, but still good stuff.

And finally, I think I’ve come to a Table of Contents for my short story collection that I like. I’ll let it sit for a day and talk with Lisa about it to get a sanity check. But as I scan the flow it feels about right to me. I see the publisher has added a blurb about the collection on their news notes, so I guess it’s getting all kind of official now.

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