By His Bootstraps

Listened to Heinlein’s “By His Bootstraps” today from Radio Drama Revival. Very cool version, played by Richard Dreyfuss, among a few others. These are the kinds of things that actually make me excited to go to the Health Club–it cuts out a chunk of time where I don’t really have anything to do but listen to the iPod.

This is a great, professionally done piece of work. Recommended.


Down to 11 more pages to go on the Light Rewrite. I wanted to power through, but I completed about 70 pages worth, and my brain is a little loopy. Better to just let it sit until tomorrow and do it right.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the story! I’m a huge fan of Robert Heinlein myself and it’s a delight to be able to share such a great adaptation of it with the world.

    More good audio to come…

    – Fred

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