The Multitasking World

I admit to being very interested in studies about how the brain works, and how we make decisions. I think the question of how the internet is influencing us, and what long-term changes it will take is one of the more interesting questions of this moment in history (perhaps just a bit behind wondering how genetics and our ability to change ourselves).

I recently read Jonah Lehrer’s “How Do We Decide,” and thought it was great.

With this in mind, I thought this study on attention and multitasking was fascinating.

You might take the two tests, too.

It told me I have quite a bit of focus, but am lacking a little on that ability to juggle multiple tasks (that sound you hear is Lisa chuffing a hearty “well-duh”).

Progress: Finished the light rewrite today (Yay me!). I’m going to do a little thematic work, but I think this means I have three books ready to market for, well, for the first time since ever.

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