Light Rewrite: Phase II

If you’re not interested in the meanderings of story creation, then today’s notes are probably not for you. Sorry about that.

With that warning …

I spent part of the past few day’s thinking about “Gene Splice” and the overall purpose of the story. I think it holds together pretty well, but for some reason I still felt it wasn’t quite where it should be. Tuesday I think I came to the understanding of why I felt that was the case.

So, to make a long story short, I’m back to another small rewrite.

The fact was that I felt like I needed to amp up the main character’s changes over the course of the story. They were all there in my last effort, but upon reflection I worried they weren’t strong enough for someone who wasn’t me!

So yesterday I took a mental scan through the entire plot line, and identified five areas the I felt I could make prudent changes that would make this element shine.

This morning, I dealt with two of those five.

It’s going to cost me about a week, but it’s worth it.

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