Radio Paradise

Pretty much all day Lisa and I have been listening to Radio Paradise, an internet radio station. This is not unusual for us, in fact I would say most of our Saturdays and Sundays provide for a serious amount of RP time. It’s a nice little, truly independent, listener-supported station with a really eclectic playlist.

Give it a try for a bit. See what you think.

What have you got to lose?

Progress: I think I’ve about wrestled phase II of the light rewrite to the ground. Down to the last fifteen pages, which I hope to finish tomorrow AM. I’ve also received and responded to the back-cover copy of Picasso’s Cat & Other Stories. So it’s been a bit busy.

BTW … I already posted this on FB, but I happened to see someone has a copy of Dragon #140 available on E-bay, which comes complete with fiction by lil’ ol’ me.

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