The B-52s, China, and Other Messing Around

I was pretty tired this morning, so I put the B-52s on my iTunes. I did this because it is impossible to be lethargic when the B-52s are playing. I mean, you have to be seriously dead in the head to listen to their music and not at least get a little toe-tapping going, right? Then the head bobs just a little–enough to be cool, but not so much that you’ll look dorky if the government surveillance systems flying in geosynchronous orbit right over your house catch you and they post it to You-Tube. Not that you should be paranoid or anything.

It’s okay. Really, it is.

Anyway, I was up earlier this morning speaking to folks from China, which is pretty cool from about a hundred angles when you think about it a little. When I first started working, the idea that I would ever have collaborated productively with people in China would have completely boggled the mind. Now the idea of NOT doing so is passé.

The rest of this morning was about listening to the B-52s while finishing up bits and pieces that I’ve left to fall into the cracks as I was pressing to finish the last novel rewrite (which is now officially done for good–I think [grin]). This means I’ve put a submission together, and put my desktop back into something that resembles order. I updated some of my status files regarding submissions and whatnot.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ve been busy all morning.

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