Higgs, Good Luck Charm, & 100 Riffs

The reports are coming in. They’ve found something that might be the Higgs boson–the “God Particle.” This is really pretty exciting, or at least pretty damned interesting.

All by itself it doesn’t mean much yet, of course. In fact, what they have right now would seem to open up a lot more questions than it answers–which is a fortunate truth of science. There are always more questions. But the finding of the particle is a major confirmation, another closing of another major chapter in the book of discovering what it is that makes the world operate.

God recently tweeted (@TheTweetOfGod) that he hoped if scientists actually found the Higgs boson they would do the right thing and return it. I thought that was pretty sweet. But kidding aside, once this discussion settles down a little I think it will be fascinating to see how it changes the dynamic of everyday conversation. It’s a seriously big deal, after all, with deep philosophical and, yes, religious overtones in addition to those of basic science.

I’m tempted today to bemoan the fact that due to some dubious politics, this finding his several years later than it should have been. But I’ll avoid the temptation … a little anyway … and just give my own little hats-off to the many people who have worked hard for the past four or five decades to search for real proof. Enjoy the day.


In my own corner of the world, I finished my final “first draft” of the story I’ve been working on the past week or so, and even have a semi-decent title for now in “Good Luck Charm.” I think it fits. We’ll see how it stands up through Lisa’s read and adjust from there.


And, finally, Brigid passed on this link of a guy playing a history of great guitar riffs that I thought was pretty cool.

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