Story Recommendation: Burial Detail

Kris Rusch has a practice of putting up a free story every week, something she calls “Free Fiction Monday.”  It’s always something interesting, because, well, because she’s a heckuva writer.  She puts up science fiction, and fantasy, and romance.  Short stories, and novel snippets.  Whatever.

There’s only a few days left on this one, but I strongly recommend this week’s story, Burial Detail.  It appears in Realms of Fantasy back in 2000, but I had missed it.  Definite keeper.  Kris Rusch is always good but I think she transcends herself quite often, and for me this is one of those times.  If I can be a little pretentious, this is a real piece of art.

I read it at lunch today, and I was thinking about it hard much of my walk back to work.

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