Unsticking it to the Man

Here’s an interesting TED talk on learning that also has an element of how the world is changing as a global entity. Lots of exciting stuff in the future, eh?


If you’re interested in piracy and the business of indie publishing then I think it’s important you read David Lowery’s response to a letter written by a young kid who admits to (brags of?) downloading all her music from free sites (you can read the original post via a link in the response). It’s a great note. I read it several days ago and have been thinking about it ever since. Some key points that I think need to be brought out.

I think it’s interesting that:

  • A kid with goals of making her livelihood from the music industry is big on piracy.
  • She does not seem to understand the concept of how money flows through her industry.
  • The companies profiting from piracy are the big infrastructure companies (Google, Verizon, AT&T, etc.).
  • Kids are very socially conscious about all sorts of things, except musician’s rights.
  • I really like the point he makes about relative costs of the music this kid downloaded and the cost of hardware and phones and data plans and internet access and whatnot. I think it’s fascinating to consider things in this fashion.

    I think this quote is fascinating to think about:

    Congratulations, your generation is the first generation in history to rebel by unsticking it to the man and instead sticking it to the weirdo freak musicians!

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