Somebodies That I Don’t Really Know

Yeah, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” has gotten a bit … uh … overplayed. But it’s an interesting tune, you know? Catchy, and with a storyline that’s compelling. It’s so catchy and compelling that the Internet has been full of alternate versions, including the coolest 1-guitar version ever.

How has Gotye himself responded to this massive outpouring? We’ll, first let’s say he’s not exactly complaining about a bunch of folks ripping him off. Of course, I’m sure he doesn’t have to worry a ton about that. I would assume the song has done all right for him financially. But, as a link Lisa sent me shows, Gotye himself has reached out to embrace this following, and in fact recently posted his own mash-up of it.

I found myself seeing this piece of work as a new expression in itself. The song is, of course, a very deeply bitter piece about break-up and separation, and yet, this mash-up is about how a piece of art is something that can bring people together. Very cool. Kinda moving. Different.

Read the article. Take a listen. Well worth the six minutes or so.

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