A Message From Monday

It was a Monday, you know? Nothing terrible, really. A morning session ran late. Lunch was a bit on the run. I was pretty productive in the morning overall, though, and the afternoon’s sessions were at least interesting. I admit I hit a motivation wall about 3:30 that I fought through. The evening included a run to the car place and walk while waiting for Lisa to pick me up. Bottom line, though, I was tired on the way home…we were up a bit late Sunday, and the morning came early. Of course it rained on the way home. It was Monday, right? I mentioned that, right? Lisa had a tougher day, and she had … uh … talked about it all through dinner.

It rained right over us.

I mean, it was bright and sunny all around, with blue skies. But it rained right on us as we drove home–a pretty hard rain at times. The cloud was literally right over us. Weird.

And then we got out of the car at home and it stopped raining, and as we went to go in after a long day we looked out over the park and saw this perfect rainbow.

Somedays, the world just lets you know, you know?

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