Dare to Be Bad – Day 5: Update, eh?

My 1,800 words or so grew this evening, edging to just over 3,000 for the day mostly on the power of adding character background on the most entrepreneurial of the main characters.  I’m happy with this, as I want to get at least 3K a day while I’m off this week.

Things are coming together, and conflicts are growing.

And, perhaps even more important right now, having much fun.


In real life news, my beloved wife convinced me to ride our bikes into town today to have lunch at a local pizza place we both love and that Brigid is considering for a rehearsal event.  Yes, it’s November.  Yes, it was barely 40-something out.  Silly, eh?

But we got a few thousand steps out of it, and the Italian sub was great, and we gathered good info.

So there.


By the way, if you’re checking out the word tracker at the right, “purellian” is Brigid, and “nkendall” is her hubby-to-be Nick Kendall.  That’s right, both of them are taking the challenge.

Both of them are also, of course, kicking my butt.

Go, guys, go!


And finally, Lisa finished copy editing the first four episodes of the fantasy series I’m intending to release here fairly soon.

When it rains it pours, eh?

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