Novel Dare – Day 21

Congrats to Lisa on cresting the 50K mark! You just can’t beat her, you know?


Morning (7:00 AM) – It was a good morning, with just over 1,400 words logged. The main character has gotten himself fully ensnared, and it looks bad for him. Wonder how he’ll get out of this one?

On a process note, I’ve realized that in relation to progress on earlier novel dare’s I’ve undertaken, I’m losing a little wordcount to one simple fact–I’m getting up at least a half-hour later than I once did. My alarm has been set for 4:30, rather than 4:00 as it had been in the old days–hence I’ve been 300-500 words short on many of my basic work days. So, I fixed that day, setting the alarm back to 4:00. Voila! 1400+ words.

50% more time = 50% more words.

I am a total genius, I say. Total genius.


I’m hoping for a quiet day at work, seeing that it’s pre-T-Day and all that.  With luck I’ll get an hour at lunch to add more.  The suspense is killing me, you know?  [grin]  But for now, it’s off to the shower to get myself ready for the rest of the day.

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  1. Getting close to that official novel mark! You’re doing great! 4:00 AM…wow, I’m in awe…that’s dedication, my friend. Great job!

    How long do you thing this book will be? Do you have any sense for that yet?

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