Novel Dare – Day 22

First Report (1:27 PM) – Overall I guess I can’t complain, though I will. I managed a bit over 2K words this morning, which gets me up to nearly 37,000 words for the whole. But I admit that the work today was difficult in an odd way. I have a plan for where I want everything to end up, and I’ve figured out the whole dilemma that the three main characters will face and what their stories kinda mean. But I’m not 100% sure what steps I’m taking to get there.

Much fun, but it’s also like walking on thin ice. I’m constantly worried I’m going the wrong way.

Yes, I have such a tough life.

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  1. The beauty of writing is that as much as we think our conscious brain is in charge, our subconscious holds all the cards. It knows the path your story needs to take. Trust yourself and your gut.

    I know, I know — you’re an engineer, but let your inner Scotty take the helm, Captain.

    LOL, all right then, I’ll just see myself out…

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