Who Says Star Trek Wasn’t Fashion-Forward?

Here’s a fun little bit on Star Trek fashion.  I think my favorites are the pink and yellow pasties and the karate get-ups.  The green slave dancer’s pretty good, too, but then a costume that consists mostly of body paint is already a few rungs up the ladder.


On the writing front, I think I’m through with the third episode of Lords of Existence.  I get another two or three under my belt and I’ll see about getting them into a publication cycle.  I’m trying to spend a good chunk of this week+ off in a voracious attempt to breathe in as much as I can related to today’s publishing environment.  Sure, I’ve been trying to do that for months and months already, and that it’s an endless and futile task because, of course, once you get it down pat you find everything has changed (if it was ever how you thought it was in the first place).  But hey, a guy’s gotta have something to do in the middle of a show storm, eh?


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