A “Book” a Day

The original plan for the day included a trip to the health club and then a movie, but, between fallout from yesterday’s snow and the fact that Lisa has gotten herself tied into this wonky Excel project, we decided to make it a Stay Home day. This means I sat downstairs, worked on, and finished an entire episode of my fantasy series in a single day–nearly 20K of a rewrite.

I haven’t done that kind of a stint for a very long time. Feels pretty good, though admittedly I’m a bit brain dead right now–and to be fair, I’ll scan the last couple thousand words tomorrow AM to make sure they are what I want them to be.

But what the heck, eh?

To make it sound even better, seeing as this is essentially Book 4 in the series I’ll be working to get out in the near term, I’ll call it re-writing a book in a day. This of making things sound better than they are is important, of course, because convincing us writers are strange. Well, at least this writer is strange. The rest of you can speak for yourselves.

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