Sucked & Didn’t Suck

Three things that sucked this morning:

  • Waking up at 4:30 to see the temperature outside was 9F, then finding it was 7F two hours later. Dear World, You’re going in the wrong damned direction, okay?
  • Cat puke on carpet. I assume it was an editorial comment on our decision to leave her behind for five days while we were in Michigan.
  • Breaking off writing at 0700. Yeah, I’m used to compartmentalizing this way, but with my ConFusion bounce, I really, really wanted to keep going.

Three things that didn’t suck this morning:

  • Finishing what I think is the final draft of a story I’ve been working on, complete with a fancy new title.
  • Wife making the Sacrifice de’Spectacular! She continued to defer our one pair of ear muffs to me. The woman is apparently angling for some form of sainthood. This alone should be worth neverending chocolate in whatever afterlife exists.
  • Heated car seat. Toasty buns are a good thing.
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