The ConFusion Bounce

Okay, so ConFusion was hella-fun.

I can tell when a convention has worked for me when I find myself just wanting to write forever after I get back.  That’s certainly the case tonight.  It took us pretty much all day to drive back, so I’m brain-dead tired, and busy doing some basic clean-up and latching back into “real life” with such things a groceries, laundry, and feeding the cat.  But inside my brain is spinning over the opportunity to pick up on any one of four different projects that are in various stages of progress.

There’s the new short story I played with Thursday morning, and there’s a short story that I’m re-writing under some editorial guidance, and there’s the fantasy novella series, and there’s another novel … and, well, there’s the NaNoWriMo thing.  So five projects, not four.

So, ConFusion was obviously a success for me.

Thanks to everyone I met or talked with out there.  Writers, and SF fans, and piles of exciting conversations about interesting topics are really an incredible source of inspiration and energy.

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