Pedometer Goes “Boing”

So, I broke my “GoZone” (pedometer) a couple days ago. Yes, it was traumatic. It was a bit over two years old. No, it wasn’t’ the electronic read-out, that broke. It wasn’t the body cracking or splitting or whatever. In fact, the actual step counter worked just fine.

It was the strap.

Or, to be technical, the clip that holds the strap to my belt buckle or edge of my pocket or whatever I’ clip it to. It’s the safety catch, of course. The thing hanging there just in case the actual pedometer falls off.
The irony is kinda funny.

It just snapped off as I was trying to attach it. Life is so danged tough.

Here’s a picture of the broken part.

These are special pedometers distributed by Verizon through our company’s health program, meaning the pedometer unit itself connects through these fancy Internets to the central tracking center, which can then pump lots of info to us that no one would ever use for anything but our benefit. Luckily, I thought that my pedometer had been killed before and ordered a second one. I raided it for spare parts, and now have a spanking new clip.

I hope it lasts another two years.



While I’m on the topic, here’s a quick update on my step count resolution … not only am I averaging over 25K steps a day at present (just barely), but I’ve been over 20K every day of the month. The wonders of a treadmill desk at home cannot be discounted, eh?

With a day full of meetings at work today, I have to admit this record is in danger this evening.

Considerable steps to go.

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