80s Ron Meets Future Ron

Made it to about 2300 words on my new story. One more, short scene and I’ll be done with the first draft. I don’t think it’ll need too much clean-up to be ready to go, but I’m saying that without having read through it. Note to self: I’ve been wrong before. I’m guessing this will be about 2500 words at final draft. Probably about right for a story inspired by an 80’s pop song.

Times like this I wonder what I would say to myself if I could go back in time and sit beside myself. Here’s the scene:

Time Traveler Ron: Hey, how are you doing?
80s Ron (startled): What the f**k?
TT Ron: Don’t worry. I’m you, here from the future.
80s Ron: Huh?
TT Ron: Hear that song? (I say, pointing to the radio as it plays the 80s pop song)
80s Ron: Sure.
TT Ron: Someday you’re going to write a story inspired by that.
80s Ron: You’re kidding me, right?
TT Ron: I wouldn’t kid you about this. In fact, I just today nearly finished the first draft.
80s Ron: You mean they’re still playing this crap on the radio?
TT Ron: Yeah, and on the Internet, too.
80s Ron: Internet?
TT Ron: Hum…yeah. Let’s just say that today might be a good time to buy Apple stock.
80s Ron: Man, I look old.
TT Ron: Hey, you’re lucky you made it this far.


80s Ron: I’m going to write a story about this song?
TT Ron: Well, not about it, but inspired by it.
80s Ron: What’s the difference?
TT Ron: Believe me, you’ll know.
80s Ron: Crap. Just shoot me now, okay?

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