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Tonight I can announce that I will be offering to critique manuscripts at the Spring Writer’s Conference (in Greensburg, Indiana — April 27th). The sessions will be 1-on-1 discussions that are planned to last up to 30 minutes.

Some Ground-rules/Details:

1) Manuscripts are due to the coordinator by April 1
2) Length Requirement: No More than 7,000 words (*)
3) Prefer the manuscript to be either a full short story or complete chapters–things that effectively have a story arc–since that’s what I’ll be (mostly) looking for.
4) While I am a speculative writer, you can send me anything you want me to read. I think I’m versatile. 🙂

(*) The write-up on the site I linked to says to use courier 12-point font. I don’t really care what font you use. I suggested 12-point courier, double spaced because that will be about 30 pages. Mostly I just suggest you make the manuscript follow professional formatting rules for readability.

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