Driving the Southbound Lane

I drove from Indy to Columbus Monday night. Knowing full well that I was down on sleep, I was particularly careful to stay many car lengths from other drivers wherever possible. Somewhere south of Greenwood, I came upon a van that was driving so slowly that it made me get on the brakes quite hard (even in my state of caution). I waited a bit, and realized it was traveling at maybe 35, so I pulled out to pass, and as I did pass, the van sped up to match me at my 65-70ish. I went a touch faster, and he matched me again. Annoyed, I backed down.

The van ran up, then moved over to block me–half into my left lane and half in his. He stayed that way for maybe twenty seconds.

Not up for an Interstate fight at 10:30ish, I just slowed on down. A moment later, the guy goes back to the right lane, and then exits. As I came along side of him, I actually wondered if he would swerve to hit me. But all was fine. I was a little annoyed, but no worse for the interaction.

Then yesterday morning I heard both lanes of the interstate right where I was driving were closed for several hours shortly afterward due to a fatal accident. It was a van, driving the wrong way on the Southbound lane …

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