February Resolution Check-in

While I was in Oregon, I had zero time to focus on anything except the workshop. That’s how it’s supposed to go, I suppose. But what that means is that I missed my monthly window to update my status against the notorious resolutions you make each New Year. If you recall, I made three resolutions. I’ll discuss the first two here, and follow up with my fiction list for February on the next rock.

RESOLUTION, THE FIRST – Average 20,000 steps a day.

Pulling up my Verizon Health Miles Account, I get the following data: January – 21,835 steps/day, February – 24,927 steps/day (for a total of 1.37 million steps in those two months, or 23,303 steps/day). Not bad. You can see the difference installing the walking treadmills have had just by looking at the jump between months. Gotta give myself the old A+ grade for this one.

RESOLUTION, THE SECOND – Write fiction every day

I have to admit that I took a day off in February. It was Monday, February 18–the Monday after all our stories were due to the workshop. I had been working on two different stories at the same time, and I hit my deadline, and I was just flat-out mentally drained because I had been writing nearly non-stop since Friday night. So, yeah. I missed a day. It was a wise choice. I’ll note that I did not miss either the 27th or the 28th–both days of the workshop itself, and the 27th being a travel day. Grade: A, (rather than A+)

I’ll note that I’ve already missed a day in March, also, having not written at all the Sunday that ended the workshop. Brain-dead. It happens. Given everything else going on around, I’ll not grade myself down at all. For the year, I’ve missed a total of five days–two days off due to the need to recuperate, and three spent reading Brigid’s work. Overall, that’s a big-old, Yay Me!

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