Garrick Returns

This morning found me return to the series of fantasy novellas I had been working on so diligently last fall until I got side-tracked by NaNoWriMo, and then a series of short stories, and then the Oregon Writer’s Workshop. I still have work running on a couple short stories, and I have a friend’s WIP novel that I’m reading, but since early January, I had planned on picking up the saga of Garrick and the rest of my Glamour of the God-Touched/Lords of Existence world come March.

This will wind up being at least eight or nine novellas or short novels in the end–perhaps considerably more, depending. Yes, I understand about novella’s. But they are what they are. We will love them just the same, eh?

Anyway, this morning I picked up at episode five and made my way through the first forty pages or so. I hope it says something that I found them quite easy to read through, and that I found myself getting wrapped into the intrigue of the story so easily.

It’s good to be back.

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