I’ll Have a Diversion, With a Side Dish of Short Story

Yes, I did say that yesterday I started back on the fantasy novella project, and I did say that yesterday it went well. Of course, today I was diverted by some work I needed to accomplish on a pair of short stories. Welcome to the life of a writer with a day-job. One of those short stories is now out in the cold, cold world wherein it’s soon to be submitted to the harsh reality of inspection wherein it could be gobbled up, or could be spit out for some perceived faulty use of characterization or weak-kneed attempt at metaphor or perhaps some problem that might exist in a run-on sentence. The other remains in process.

Tomorrow I assume it will be back to the fantasy novella’s.


Quick recommendation. Here’s “Creator of the Cosmos Job Interview,”a fun little story from Nick DiChario found on the new online mag Galaxy’s Edge. It’s very Nick-like, which is a good thing. I think. [grin]


Finally — my latest step-quest update.

I have to be straight here, while going to the workshop in Oregon was an absolute, and maybe life-changing event, it played holy havoc on my step count. Only one of those days did I manage as many at 14K, and at least two of those days I was down between 3K and 5K. This the means that even with a 30K day or two recently, I need to hit it pretty well the next few days to get back into the ballpark of my goal (which I remind all is to average 20K/day).
I’m only at 15.5K so far today.
15.53K …

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