A Weekend Proposal

Holy cripes there’s a lot to do this weekend. If the world were just we would get two day work weeks and five day weekends. But the world, alas, is not just.

That’s what I retain from my college course in logic, anyway.


It’s been a good morning, though. I managed to zip through a bunch of Episode Five. It’s down to just under twenty pages to go–though the next five or so just may need some serious pruning. This novella will wind up some 25K word long before it’s all said and done. Now it’s time to grab a snack and hit the health club. Then comes a big snack, some other stuff, and then maybe a heavier lunch out. Of course, Louisville plays tonight (Go Cards!). Evening time is for light reading and editing or Netting or whatnot.

Then tomorrow’s all filled up, too–not the least should be the finishing of Episode Five.

Yes, my friends, life is tough.

And, seriously, let’s give a thought to this idea of the five-day weekend, m’kay?

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