A Pair of 90 Minute Blasts

Excellent morning at the keyboard, though it started too late. I was a slacker and didn’t rise until just past 8:00 AM today, which is surprising since usually the cat will wake me well before then. Stranger and stranger, this feline thing we live with.

Anyway, I’ve made it through Lords of Existence. Kind of.

This means, I’ve gotten to the end, and I think it’s good. Except that I know I need to do one more thing with it, and as I’m sitting here right this moment–having completed two 90 minute writing stints–I don’t have the emotional drive to do what I need to do with it. So, I’ll pause for lunch.

Then I’ll see what’s up with Lisa, but I expect we’ll probably run to the health club. And by then I suspect I’ll be ready to make the actual end happen. And I suspect it will be good–much better than if I plowed through for another thirty minutes right this moment. I’m strange that way. Or maybe it’s just my form of creativity as a whole. If I give it space, it comes back.

Gotta love that.

I actually use this thing about me a lot at work, too. Folks will see me occasionally taking a fifteen minute walk around the building, and most the time it’s just me getting my brain back into shape to actually accomplish the thing I want to finish with good quality.

But I digress … and I’m hungry.

See you on the other side of lunch. [grin]

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