Q1 Step Resolution Update

As you might remember, I made three New Years’ resolutions. One of them was to average taking at least 20,000 steps a day. I just finished adding up my steps for the month of March (not counting a few more this evening…but close enough, eh?). Here are my results over the first quarter of the year:

January – 676,911 (21,836/day)
February – 697,959 (24,927/day)
March – 710,028 (22,904/day)

Average Over Q1 = 23,054/day

So, I’m doing pretty well. These March numbers are particularly exciting for me since I started in such a hole as a result of my lack of activity during the workshop in Oregon (I averaged only 8K stpes a day for the first four days of the month).

Stay tuned to hear updates on my other three resolutions. Oh, the excitement!

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