A Fresh Set of Problems

Since I’m now essentially working on two episodes at once, I’ve decided to compartmentalize my near-term the work into three buckets. Prior to this morning, I had bucket 1) Fix up short story to make it, you know, like, a full short story (with a point of being all by itself), and I had bucket 2) Deal with a stronger launch of the protagonist into episode seven, and I had Bucket 3) Better explain the disappearance of a main character that will be the driving force of that same episode seven.

This morning I think I fixed bucket 3.

Yeah, I know. Doesn’t sound like much of a resume stuffer (Achievements: “I fixed bucket three” just doesn’t resonate, does it?). But I’m reminded of Dean Smith’s conversation from Oregon. “Just write scenes,” he said. And if you do that consistently, everything works out.

So today I wrote on a scene. And tomorrow I’ll write on another one, and before you know it these three buckets will be in the rearview mirror and I’ll be onto a fresh set of problems.

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