Getting Back Into it, and “Primes” Goes to Asimov’s

Why is it that just when you think you’ve got things under some semblance of control, the world just hits the accelerator and everything starts moving three times as fast? I was all kinda caught up and moving on with several projects when I hopped on a plane and went to Germany for a week. And there went the flow.


Slowly getting back to it, though. As you probably saw, John and I released Three Days in May. And I’m nearing the end of the reading I need to do for the critique sessions I signed up for at next week’s writing conference.

And I suppose I should note that while I was away I received a very nice email from Sheila Williams reporting that she found my story “Primes” to be exciting, and wanted to include it in a future issue of Asimov’s. Very happy, happy here.

And this evening I went through the copy edits of “Teammates,” the story that will be in Galaxy’s Edge in mid-summer sometime.

My pedometer shows 27K steps and counting tonight.

So, yeah. Things are getting back to normal.


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