Stepping All Over the Super Hero

So my place of work has kicked off this Virgin Health Miles program. One of the features of the program is that you can challenge other employees to special events, which is cool enough. Of course, the Health Champion of the building challenged all employees (several hundred) in our building to what is essentially a year-long challenge of who can take the most total steps.

Challenge, of course, accepted.

It started a couple weeks ago–or just a little after I left for Germany. I was wondering how I would do. I mean, I expected I would be in the top tier. I do roughly 23K-24K steps a day on average, so that should be pretty good, eh?

Well, first off, it turns out that’s more than good. It’s (grin) the top of the charts so far. I check the standings every day, and I’ve got competition from two or three guys. For a moment early I was as low as third place. But I seem to have created some space now.

I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep hold of #1. Lots of problems can arise, after all. But I have to stop here and have everyone note the name in the number 11 slot. It’s not every day one can say you’re beating that guy, eh?

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