Pausing for a Commercial Break

Sorry for the raw commercialism of this post, but when it rains it pours. Okay, I admit I’m only a little sorry for it. [grin]

I’m pleased to have received news that Juliana Rew of Third Flatiron Publishing contacted me yesterday to let me know that she’s interested in using my short story “Schrodinger’s Soldier” in her Lost Worlds anthology. Assuming we can work out the details, the work should appear this September. I’ll update you here as info permits, of course.

I also see that Fiction River has released an audio version of How to Save the World, complete with my story “The Legend of Parker Clark and Lois Jane.”

And, finally, for those who didn’t get it at Facebook, I happened along an video “Review” of my collection Picasso’s Cat & Other Stories, which, of course, you can still grab through one of the links on the sidebar (or in the shopping section of the site).

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