20,000 Steps

Everyone needs a goal, I suppose.

The time when Lisa and I started getting more fit coincided with our place of employment offering the Virgin Health Miles program. With that program came a pedometer, and a whole infrastructure for monitoring and rewarding progress. Some of you will know that one of my resolutions this year was to average more than 20,000 steps a day. Despite its title, this post is not about that. Er, well, not exactly, anyway.

Instead, it’s about averaging 20,000 steps a day since the time we joined.

You see, when we joined Lisa and I managed 7,000-10,000 a day for some time, and then 15,000 was doable, then the occasional 20,000. You get the point. We could get to 20,000, but it wasn’t easy. We had not fully changed our attitudes toward movement, and so for many months we we far under 20,000.

But one of the measures the VHM site tracks is average steps in your entire history, and for the past several months (over a year, really), I’ve been watching mine rise. Monday it was at 19,997. Tuesday it took a dive due to Lisa having some surgery on her foot and me missing 20K by a margin. Wednesday it registered 19,998.

So the question is: will today be the day?

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