“Bugs” is Published!

This is where I get to mention in that suave tone of mine that my story “Bugs” is the lead story in this month’s issue of Analog. I think it’s a good sign that even after publishing 50+ stories, I still get a major energy bump from seeing my name on the cover of a magazine.

Can’t wait to get my contributor’s copies. Or see it out in San Antonio.

“Bugs” is a story that went through considerable development on my hard drive. I want to say that it saw maybe twenty versions, including a re-title (I originally called it “The Cold Place,” and in fact still occasionally find myself thinking of it under that title). I wrote the first draft shortly after listening to a vid of Richard Feynman talking about nano-tech. Of course, the big, cold, corporate world flowed into it, too. In the end, though, I don’t think the story is about technology at all.


Enough of all that.

If you read it, I hope you like it.

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