Out of the Blue on Amazon, and Back to 7

I’m happy to note that my second Writers of the Future story “Out of the Blue” is now available on Amazon. This one was a prizewinner, and was published in the anthology in 1999. It tells the tale of a scientific expedition based on Europa,and what might happen when things go a little (all right, horribly) wrong.

I suppose I should give you the obligatory link to “The Disappearance of Josie Andrew,” which was my first WotF story. I mean, what kind of marketeer would I be if I didn’t, eh? While both were obviously Writers of the Future pieces, DJA was also placed on the preliminary Nebula Ballot, which was very cool.


So I’m back to episode seven. You thought I had forgotten that one, didn’t you? It’s like the proverbial bad penny, though. I thought I had it pretty well under control, but then life started getting hairy, and I set it aside again. Now things are settling a little, and I’m getting back to it. I admit that I really, really like the opening–almost as much as I really, really hate the end. [grin]

But, then, that’s why it’s not yet done, eh?

Why is it that recursive logic strikes me funny?

I’m also back to a more controlled exercise level, turning 25-35K step days routinely. And Lisa, theoretically, is about a week and a half away from not needing the boot.

Perhaps by mid-September, we’ll be back to normal chaos.

Yeah, right.

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