As you may remember from a couple of my earlier posts (here, and here), Lisa has been working her way through a somewhat difficult foot surgery. This has caused us to speak about pain with relative frequency. As the usual practice of Monte Carlo random Interwebs linkage following would have it, I ran into this video on the subject of pain–specifically the attempt to address the age-old gender-based comparison of pain associated with child birth vs. being kicked in the … uh … balls.

It’s a bit humorous, of course. But I thought the most interesting bits were at the very beginning wherein it addressed a silly bit of falsitude passed around on the web, and at the very end where it addressed the relative nature of pain itself–which is something Lisa and I have talked about without actually talking about it.

Anyway … have fun.

And now, it’s back to the salt mines.

Or, rather, since I hear Lisa rambling around upstairs, it’s off to make her coffee.

(Yes, that’s a self-defense mechanism as much as anything!)

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