Closer to the Endgame

Okay, I admit it, I’m sore.

This weekend marked Lisa’s first trips back to the health club.

We’re getting closer to the endgame with Lisa and her surgery, and this weekend represented her first trips back to the health club. We went both Saturday and Sunday–the first day she mostly hung out on the elliptical, but the second day she branched out into floor exercises and base core work.

It’s been awhile for both of us. I’ve gone several times, but admittedly those times have gotten spare to the point of non-existent the past three weeks. Maybe four. Dunno. She’s happy, though–as you can tell from this picture I snapped toward the end of the day:

For my part, well, an hour or so of weights two days in a row…after a month of no weights.

Yes, I admit, I’m sore.

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