Long and Strange Couple Weeks

It’s been a long and strange couple of weeks here. Lisa is still progressing with her foot, and work has been quite a hog. Time is drawing down there though, and I’m finding that in an odd twist of fact, it’s actually quite easy to say “I’ll have lots of time to write in a couple weeks, so let’s just get this work done.” So I don’t think I’ve protected my writing time as much as I was earlier.

Anyway, I expect I’ll have a final day identified by Monday. That’s the plan anyway. More to come.

In the meantime, I’ve completed what I thought was going to be a “final” rewrite of Lord of the Freeborn (the notorious Episode 7) today. When last “finished it,” I felt I had five problems I needed to address. As of today, I’ve addressed all five of those, and the story is considerably more storylike. Which is very good. But in completing this pass, I am left with one more, new issue that I think needs work.


This is the way of what I will most haughtily call “making art,” though. You keep going until you feel it’s what you want to say, and then you are done.


Anyway, we’re off to the health club now.

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