Steps: Revisited

Some of you may remember all those many months ago, that among my New Year’s Resolutions was to average 20,000 steps a day. It’s been awhile since I reported out, so here goes.

Average Steps/Day: (all data, courtesy of my company’s Health Miles program counter)

January – 22,515
February – 25,390
March – 22,933
April – 23,659
May – 23,826
June – 21,884
July – 18,624
August – 21,677
September – 21,027
October – 22,850 (so far)

All Year – 22,409

So, yeah, still doing pretty well. We had a little dip there in June, probably associated with Brigid’s wedding (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). Then came July, and Lisa’s sugury, which definitely took a bit of a toll. August and September, things started to settle out, and now here we are in October, and things are looking to be almost back to normal.

And at nearly 22.5K a day for the year, it appears the resolution is looking pretty good.

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